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-多謝閣下選購LPG Wellbox為確保產品之優良品質所有產品於出廠前必經嚴格品質檢查自購買日起客戶可根據下列條款獲得2年香港或澳門本地保養:

  1. 我們致力為你提供優質的產品,你必須根據我們的更換政策而提出要求,否則有關產品會被當作為沒有任何質量或規格問題,這更換政策是你唯一就任何因產品質量或規格而引起的一切損害、損失責任及賠償的補償。
  2. 任何非依照此規定之方式作出的更換要求將被視為無效。我們保留酌情權以拒絕任何無效的更換要求。若因此導致任何爭端,我們擁有最終決定權。
  3. 您必須於簽收產品當日計起14天內向我們提出更換要求,及必須符合以下條件:
    • 所有退回之貨品必須未經開啟或使用;
    • 所有零件、附件、使用手冊、保用証(未填寫),贈品及優惠換購之禮品必須完整無缺並隨貨品一同退還;
    • 出示原來的發票
    • 否則本公司將有權拒絕有關的更換。若您未能齊備及退回所需文件或貨品,本公司有權拒絕您的申請。
  4. 由購買日起之2年保用期內(除機殼、附件及部份零件外) 機件如有損壊或發生故障時經本公司技術人員證實該機故障屬正常使用下發生 本公司將提供免費修理及零件更換而更換後之損壞零件將歸屬本公司。
  5. 在下列情況下保養將會自動失效:
  6. 本公司將不負責任何由於器材損壞而直接或間接招致之損失。
  7. 需更換之產品必須沒有損壞、花殘及曾經被水及/或其他物質浸濕及/或破壞之現象。
  8. 只限更換相同型號及顏色的貨品。
  9. 購自香港Wellbox官方網站的客人,無需進行產品保用登記,客人於維修時需提供機身編號及核對購買紀錄便可獲得維修保用,所有行貨產品於機底均有機身編號紀錄以茲識別; 如客人購自總代理認可之零售商,則需保留購買單據,客人於維修時需提供機身編號,核對購買紀錄及購買單據以獲得維修保用。
  10. 客戶須先whatsapp本公司容戶服務 +852 53456739 預約時間經確定後請攜同產品到本公司作檢查或修理。
  11. 如果你認為產品出現任何損壞/瑕疵,請於星期一至五上午 10 時至晚上 6 時辦公時間內聯絡客戶服務申請更換,你可電郵到 或 Wellbox Whatsapp:  (852) 5345 6739 。
  12. 我們有權(惟並無義務)按其絕對酌情決定對本條款及條件及任何資料,進行檢討修改、編輯或以任何其他方式作出變更,毋需另行通知。
  13. 如有任何爭議,我司保留最終決定權。




Terms and conditions:

Thank you for purchasing LPG Wellbox, for the sake of the excellent quality of our product, we certify that LPG Wellbox on this warranty is free of defect in materials and workmanship and the end-user is entitled to 2 years warranty from the date of purchase in Hong Kong & Macau subject to the following terms and conditions listed below:

  1. We are committed to providing you with products of excellent quality. If you are not satisfied with the Product(s) in any way and require an exchange, You have to submit a request according to our Exchange Policy. Otherwise, the Product(s) will be deemed free of quality and specification issues. This Exchange is your sole remedy in respect of all liabilities and damages caused by any Product quality or specification issues.
  2. Any exchange not made in the manner set out shall be deemed invalid. We reserve Our right and discretion to decline any invalid exchange. In the event of any dispute hereunder, We have the right to make the final decision.
  3. You have to submit your exchange request within 14 days from the day the Product(s) are received, and provided that:
    •  the Product must not be opened or used;
    •  all parts, accessories, user manual, warranty card (blank), free gifts, redeemed items are intact and returned together with the Product(s);
    •  the original invoice  used to purchase the Product(s) must be presented;
    • Otherwise, We will have the right to refuse the exchange. If You fail to complete and return the required documents or items, We have the right to refuse Your application.
  4. For any defect, in the judgment of our technicians, caused under normal usage, LPG Wellbox is responsible
    for repairing and replacing parts free of charge within the two years free warranty period (except accessories and some parts). Any replaced defective parts will become the Company's property.
  5. This warranty is invalid in the following cases :
    (a) If the product has been damaged caused by misuse, negligence, abuse, incorrect power input, accident, or any natural calamity.
    (b) If the product has been repaired, modified by persons other than LPG Wellbox
    (c) If the serial number has been altered, effaced and/or removed.
    (d) Fail to follow the installation instructions provided.
    (e) Machines for commercial use.
  6. The company will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly caused by the breakdown of the equipment.
  7. The Product(s) to be exchanged should not be damaged, scratched, defaced or contain any trace of water and/ or other substance damage.
  8. You are allowed to exchange the products with the same model and colour. 
  9.  If customer purchased through our official website, customer required to provide the purchaser information and the serial number (without any prior registration upon maintenance services). If customer purchased through our official distributor (e.g department store), customer required to present the purchase receipt, serial number and purchaser information upon services.
  10. Our company is not liable for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the breakdown of the product.
  11. Customer is required to contact our company before the repair service.  You need to book a time slot and go-to repair service center for check-ups or repair. Customer can contact us through email: or whatsapp: +852 53456739 to make an appointment. 
  12. We have the right (but not the obligation to amend, edit, or make any changes in any other form of the Terms and Conditions and any information, at Our sole discretion and without notice.
  13. In case of any dispute, our company reserves the right of final decision.