In our new SALON vs HOME series, we’re going to be taking a balanced look at some popular salon treatments alongside their home-use alternatives, starting with Endermologie and a favorite – the Wellbox S…

Endermologie - space-age wellness!             Endermologie by LPG – space-age wellness!

SALON: Endermologie by LPG Systems – The ‘Ferrari of Electrical Beauty’?

Endermologie was introduced in 1986 by its French creator Luis Paul Guitay (LPG) and is widely seen as one of the highest end beauty treatments on the market. I often refer to it as the Ferrari of ‘beauty machines’ due to its innovative and space age design – and of course its sky-high price tag for the salon owner and the client. The robotic arms and sleek lines of their devices made the Cellu M6 Endermologie instantly recognizable to spa owners and users and continue to be the stand out equipment at cosmetic and beauty congresses around the globe. In the late 90’s LPG began to concentrate on the wider beauty market after establishing that their techniques were clinically proven in more medical circles, and are now represented in over 110 countries claiming to treat over 200,000 people on a daily basis.


How does it work?
Treatments are performed by clinicians using rolling heads by devices known as the Cellu M6, Lift M6, and Lipo M6 machines. Traditionally targeting cellulite reduction, firming and toning non-invasively, LPG systems have now also created devices for facial anti-aging treatments.

The rollers and lift valves are specially designed to gently pull the skin tissue and perfectly target specific areas of the body and face completely naturally. It’s all based on their principal of  Mechanical Cellular Stimulation, which sends a signal deep down to the cells to provoke a physiological response causing an activation of collagen and elastin production and activation of lipolysis (breaking down of fat). This has been scientifically proven and over 26 years the company has continued to develop this technology and lead this competitive field. Of course over this time many have copied the device and skin rolling has become a well-known piece of armory in the fight against cellulite, but no company has successfully rivaled the brand or exquisite design of the French originators.


LPG tell us why people choose this method:

  • Those looking for the missing link between overly gentle and ineffective techniques and risky, invasive, and harsh techniques.
  • Those who feel that it’s too early or too late to consider more aggressive techniques.
  • Those who want to naturally boost their potential for slimming and looking younger with long-lasting effect.
  • Those seeking ‘wellness and relaxation’.
  • Those that understand that, like muscles, skin needs exercise, a balanced diet, and tailored cosmetics.
  • Those that recognize that intensive sports and low-calorie diets are not always enough to get rid of stubborn fat and unsightly dimpling.
  • Those that want to rediscover the face they love, not some fixed-expression recreated face (I imagine this is a slight dig at someone overly Botoxed!)



Overall someone who wants high-tech treatments along with healthy, natural, and responsible beauty.

The at-home option - Wellbox








 Swarovski Crystal Wellbox


Swarovski Crystal Wellbox – more than enough bling for a lifetime I’d say!


It may only be 20 minutes that is needed but take some proper time out of your day to use your Wellbox with the mobile phone off, kids in bed and door locked – pure ‘you’ time to enjoy using one of the world’s best devices.